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A legend in action: at the Grossglockner GrandPrix, legendary racing driver Hans Joachim Stuck lashed the AutoUnion Type C along the street all the way up to the Großglockner mountain. A one of a kind experience.
Two power packs in the studio: the Amarok special edition Dark Label, which got launched at the IAA and is badet on the Comfortline Version, and the new Amarok Aventura Exclusive style concept, packed with a strong 258 horsepower 3.0-litre-V6-TDI engine, make the perfect couple in front of a dark backdrop.
The bus arrived. After the compact concept I.D., VW introduces the concept I.D. Buzz. The name tells it all: it is all about the next generation of the VW bus, which will be hitting the road in 2022, two years after the I.D., electric and completely autonomous.

A legend in action

Two power packs in the studio

The bus arrived


Have a look.


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Ingo Barenschee

Ingo Barenschee, born in 1965, has been around the block a few times. After leaving school, he trained as an apprentice photo retailer and worked with various advertising and fashion photographers. Bitten by the travel bug, the Hamburg native gave up his Hasselblad and VW camper van for a month in Brazil. At the age of 20, he lived in South America and the Caribbean, and subsequently drifted as far north as New York. What was intended to be a month-long trip turned into almost a year of travelling. In the end, rather than dropping out completely, Ingo decided to travel between different worlds. At home, he worked for a professional photo agency and as a sports photographer, plus nine months as an assistant to a renowned industrial and advertising photographer. These jobs allowed him to keep on travelling and to work on his beloved sailing boats. One day, his North German nature resurfaced, prompting him to leave that neverchanging climate behind and return to his home region with its changing seasons and occasionally damp weather. In 1993, Ingo‘s career as a professional photographer took off in earnest when he started freelancing for the German motoring magazine Auto Bild. It soon turned out he had a keen eye for capturing dynamic motion. He has worked for such magazines as Stern, ADAC Special and the German railway company‘s DB mobil. Also on his list of clients are car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Lamborghini and Mazda. Today his work focuses on people, stories and everything that moves – in a word: dynamics. A dedicated team player, Ingo says that his pictures first form in his mind‘s eye – from then on it‘s all gut feeling. So what‘s the secret of his success? Probably that good photographs are not just about films or pixels, but also involve the photographer‘s imagination and skill – and that elusive screen at the back of his mind.


Ingo Barenschee works internationally and specializes mainly, but not exclusively, on car photography.
He enjoys a mixture in his photography and also works in the fields of travel / documentary, industrial photography and people photography.
Through his extensive network of professional partners, he can offer a variety of photography services, such as:
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Ingo Barenschee is working for a continuously rising number of clients, for instance:

Volkswagen / AutoBild / Lamborghini / Mazda / Bugatti / Hyundai / Stern / BMW / Porsche / Audi / Nissan / Event Agency VOKDAMS


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